SEO Myths Everyone Should Know

Myth # 1: Only the first rank is important

Many of the ebooks and other resources that business owners use will place important emphasis on the need to be at the top of search results, whether it’s on Google Search, other engines, or even in places like social media. But surveys have shown that people will quite often see other results and they will scroll down the page. Being on the second page, for example, can be very useful for traffic. Also, search ranking is only one piece of the puzzle. Now Google puts other results on the page such as social recommendations and local results as well, which means there are many avenues open to you, and being first place is no longer as important as it used to be SEO Juggernauts.

Myth # 2: You can do SEO without outside help

Doing SEO means that you follow a series of techniques and procedures to increase the chances of web users entering your site. It is true that anyone can learn these techniques, and if you are a website owner and you want to do SEO yourself then you can spend time learning and applying these techniques. But SEO can be complicated and touches on many fields such as online marketing, coding, technical aspects, and public relations skills. Most business owners don’t have everything needed to do a good job at SEO, and that is why there are many agents who offer help. A simple IT worker or an online marker is often not enough if you want really good results.

Myth # 3: META tags are very important

In the past, every page on your site needed a META tag to get a good ranking. These are small pieces of code that will give Google a list of keywords and descriptions. Search engines will base themselves on them to find out what your website is about. But now, that doesn’t affect your ranking at all. Google and Bing stopped paying attention to the META tag to index the site. However, they are not in vain. For example, your description tag will be text that often appears next to the link that appears in search results, so it’s still a useful part of the action.

Myth # 4: Keyword rich domain names rank higher

Back in the dotcom days, the URL you used was very important. Google places a lot of importance on domain names, and if you can get a name that has keywords in it, you will get a big advantage over other sites. This is why many companies in the late 90s bought domain names with lots of money. But now, the indexing process only looks at your actual page content, and not the domain name. The name is still important, because people can still see it, but that won’t make you rank higher.

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