Condominium Is Obviously Not The Same As Apartment

Con means joint, while Dominium means to control or ownership. So it was concluded that the condominium is the right to build a residence that is shared by multiple owners. Among property developers, the difference between apartments and condominiums is often related to the form of ownership. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a high-quality condo in Singapore, just check out the Pullman Residence Newton

Condo owners can freely rent or sell their condominium units to others. When viewed from market share, condominiums and apartments have a far different market share. Property developers prefer Pullman Residence Newton condominium investment because, in addition to being sold, condos can also be rented out.

Whereas the apartment market share only refers to high-rise vertical housing. However, now there are also many apartments that are not only rented out but also owned. So that the two terms are known as service apartments and rental apartments.

The service apartment is an apartment for rent complete with daily services. Almost like a hotel where you can get satisfying daily services depending on the price of the apartment. Whereas rental apartments are residences that are rented out without daily services. That’s why if apartments aren’t suitable for you, we recommend you to buy the best pullman residences showflat instead.

In addition, apartments are just like a dwelling in general, the apartment has a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, and so on in one story high-rise building that is quite large and luxurious. Usually, each apartment is equipped with various facilities such as a fitness center, shops, swimming pool, and others. The complete facilities offered are inseparable from the price of the apartment.

The apartment comes from the American language which means residential units that only take up a small portion of space in the building. In one apartment building, there can be tens to thousands of apartment units. If you’ve been to Britain and the Commonwealth, you would already know that there, an apartment better is known as a flat.

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