Incline Village Boat Ramp Launching Tips

Lake Tahoe Incline Village Boat launching Tips and Info. 20-10-5 rule I made up.

Incline Village Boat ramp will see a six foot extension out of metal. It’s not much since it’s about a 2-3 inch level of depth every foot down the ramp, but it works with the great snowfall we had this year. I am guessing and hoping for Lake Tahoe to rise another 4 or 5 feet into July public boat launch near me.

The Incline Village boat ramp has a large pile of sand at the ramp entrance into the lake. It starts at the end of the ramp extending twenty feet out into the water heading south. This pile of sand has built up from boats powering on the trailer and making a sand bar you have to pass. I am hoping with the extension they put the sand back to it’s natural level. If not, the extension won’t help as much except in trailer cross members hitting the concrete end of the ramp.

I think its great the TRPA has done anything so quickly and approved the extension! Thank you TRPA. I bet you don’t hear that too often? Maybe Sand Harbor will get it together and remove the rail road ties and fix the sand. Hint!

To use the Incline Village Boat Ramp you must have an Incline Village General Improvement District card, punch card or be a guest of a resident. You can get a vacation rental with a punch card depending on the situation of the rental agency. You won’t be able to pull up and launch without one of these methods.

Launching tips for Incline Village Boat Ramp. Get back early if the waves pick up around lunch time. If you see a difference in water color due to the pick up of waves head back. This almost always happens in the afternoon because of the winds picking up over the Sierras. This usually makes it tougher to trailer the boat because of large waves.

The good news, wind is usually going direct north at the Incline Village boat ramp. If you pull your boat onto a trailer you’ll be getting a little wave push which keeps you straight onto the trailer provided you drive it on with a little power.

Most of our renters with less experience will not be deliberate when pulling the boat on the trailer. Here’s the key. Go as slow as you can and enter the path to your trailer. Go in and out of gear while approaching the ramp, the slower the better.

The 20-10 rule I made up. 20 feet before the trailer focus on being straight and paying attention if you are being slightly pushed to the left or right. Compensate a little, not too much, always make little adjustments. Then, the last 10 feet, DON’T LET OFF THE POWER! Just keep it the first notch of gear and go straight onto the trailer the last 10 feet holding the minimum power setting. Do not let off the gas too early. When the nose reaches the end of the trailer or just slightly before if it’s lining up go to neutral on a calm day. But in waves, keep on a little power longer. Once you know you are on the trailer straight you can winch and/or apply a little power depending on the size of your boat. If you have a 36 foot cigarette boat you’ll need power to put it on the trailer as opposed to a 19 foot ski boat you can winch. Make sure you have someone who can clip the boat as soon as possible and reel in the slack of the winch strap ASAP.

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