Longboard Wheel Guide – Understanding Your Longboard

If you’ve got yourself a longboard, then you must be one of many enthusiasts who take to the streets to cruise for a ride. But this activity is not always about having fun. You also need to ensure that your longboard is properly taken care of to make sure that you’ve always got a ride when you need one. Need to change your longboard wheels? Here’s a longboard wheel guide you can use kids longboard.

The basics

Longboard wheels are designed for use in cruising and transport, ranging in size but available between 65 to 100 millimeters. Since they are bigger than other skateboard wheels, they are more stable and provide the user with a more comfortable ride. Because solid polyurethane combined with their size would make the wheels thick and heavy, hard plastic cores are usually used instead.

The issue of hardness and softness: a longboard wheel guide

Longboard wheels, as well as other skateboard wheels, can come in varying degrees of hardness, measured using the durometer A scale. The softest kind of wheels are rated at 75a, while the hardest are there on top with ratings of 99a. For those beyond the durometer A scale, it might be better to rely on the B or D scales, which have more accuracy and cover a wider range of hardness types.

Choosing your wheel: a quick tip

Wheel size is not just about finding something that fits your skateboard. Rather, you also need to factor in your own body size. The smaller you are, then the smaller your wheels will be. As for a longboard wheel guide, bigger folk actually have the advantage of using longboards since the wheels needed by a longboard are bigger, with sizes between 65 to 100 millimeters. This means that there won’t be much need to go looking for the right wheels when you’re big person using a longboard.

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